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MIH HOME - An online store of MIH GROUP, Group was established in 1975 in UAE by Mr. Mohammad Ibrahim Haji. The group now owns multiple companies in and outside of UAE. The companies are involved in trading as well as manufacturing. The main focus of the group is on building materials trading.

MIH HOME founded by Mr. Mohammad Iqbal, He is committed to providing everything related to building material in one shelter with the help of latest technology and ideas to create ease in selling and purchasing of building materials in United Arab Emirates. Our website and mobile app are connected with our catalogue by bar-code technology, A bar-code is printed on every page of our catalogue, by scanning that bar-code you will landed directly on your required product page to view more information or to make orders online quickly.

MIH is a family run business. Mr. Mohammad Ibrahim Haji leads the group with his four sons working as directors. The group has divided its area of operation into four regions, each region is managed by one director.

Mr. Mohammad Iqbal oversees operation Ajman, UQ and Abu Dhabi and he has been responsible for this region since 1992. and Mr. Mohammad Riaz is responsible for Oman region, Mr. Mohammad Umar is looking after the RAK, Sharjah and Dubai region while Mr. Mohammad Munir is taking care of Alain and Saudi Arabia.

MIH’s core business is Building Material Trading. The group has over 20 Branches in UAE, Oman Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Each branch has its own warehouse which is connected to main warehouses via company’s intranet. There are over 13,000 building material related items that the group deals in through its branches. These materials are procured from various sources.

MIH procures its material from wide range of companies from different countries, these include, Australia, Bahrain, China, Canada, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, Singapore, Romania, Chile, Italy, Germany, Spain, Finland, India, Pakistan, Burma and GCC countries.

MIH deals in wide range of products with focus on, Aluminum Profiles & Sheets, Aluminum Accessories, MDF, Wood and Glass. The group also deals in products such as Polycarbonate sheets, Wooden doors, Kitchen related materials and accessories, door handles, locks, for-ceiling, laminated flooring, power machines & tools, and all related accessories.

MIH group has a staff of over 500 employees, located at different branches and over 20 warehouses. MIH has trained staff working in HR, Accounts, Audit, Procurement, Sales, Inventory Control, Transportation and Internal Audit divisions. The company also has a dedicated IT team which takes care of company’s ERP system and intranet. All company related tasks are automated using latest technologies available.

The total storage area of group’s warehouse is around 800,000 sq ft, handling stock of over 150 million AED. The warehouse use latest technologies to keep track of inventory and just on time delivery.

MIH group has its own fleet of over 100 vehicles to meet all its logistics and transportation requirements. The Group handles on average 150 containers per month to meet its local and export orders. The fleet also contains heavy and light trucks to deliver customer’s orders.

The sales team is divided into counter and field sales. The sales team has their own dedicated vehicles to visit customers and meet their order requirements.

Ajman Group is managed by Mr. Mohammad Iqbal. He has been responsible for this region since 1992. Ajman group has branches in Ajman, Umm-Al-Quain and Abu Dhabi. The group handles following companies:

The sales team is divided into counter and field sales. The sales team has their own dedicated vehicles to visit customers and meet their order requirements.

Mohammad Iqbal Mohammad Iqbal

Our Aims are to:

  • Meet our customer's requirement and satisfaction
  • Offer most competitive Prices
  • Maintain Quality
  • On time delivery
  • Introduce new products

Our Strength:

  • All our branches have large warehouses with ample supply of all kinds of materials.
  • We have 500 efficient and dedicated staff members.
  • We have well-equipped logistics with 45 vehicles including trailers and trucks to make our deliveries on time.
  • We have 35 branches to entertain the customer.
  • Our All branches are interconnected with advance network technology for effiecient inventory managment.