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Buy Teka Kitchen Appliances

Make your kitchen beautiful like Dubai, buy Teka kitchen appliances from our leading supplier MIH, UAE at good prices, with fast & on-time delivery.

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Special Offers

Teka Ovens

We believe that without convenience and ease of use, there can be no innovation. That is why Teka Ovens are truly innovative.

Teka Hobs

However you cook, Teka turns it into a genuine experience. Teka hobs are synonymous with cleaning, safety and efficiently.

Teka Hoods

Delicious aromas with no unpleasant fumes or smells. So discreet you can hardly see them, so beautiful they look like works of art.

Teka Washing Machines

Teka washing machines pamper the garments you love most. Caring for your clothes has never been so easy.

Teka Refrigerators

Cold also plays an important role in a home's warmth. Our refrigerators keeps food fresh because they preserve its nutrients and vitamins efficiently.

Teka Dishwashers & Water Heater