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60mm Aluminium Hinge
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60mm Aluminium Hinge

60mm Aluminium Hinge

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AS558BL AED 3.25 Hinges 60mm, Black

AS558P AED 3.25 Hinges 60mm, Ral 9010

AS558Y AED 3.25 Hinges 60mm, Ral 1015

AS558ML AED 3.25 Hinges 60mm, Mill Finish

AS558PP AED 3.25 Aluminium Hinge 60mm White 9016

AS558CB AED 3.25 Aluminium Hinge 60mm Chocolate Brown 8017

AS558MB AED 3.25 Aluminium Hinge 60mm Mahogany Brown 8016

AS558R AED 3.25 Aluminium Hinge 60mm Brown Red

AS558S AED 3.25 Aluminium Hinge 60mm Silver

We are manufacturer of aluminum 60 mm Hinges of different specifications. Our range includes M.S. zinc plated, colour coated and adjustable aluminium hinges. The best thing about our Aluminum Hinges is that proper distance is maintained between sash and frame for smooth movement.



  • Material: aluminium
  • Manufactured by: MIH
  • Commonly used: Window
  • Size: 60 mm 
  • Colors: white, beige, black and mill Finish


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